Try This: Create an Inexpensive Floor Covering with Cheap Round Rugs

Look at this! It's an idea so clever I'm sure you wish you had thought of it yourself. Area rugs, especially large ones, can get awfully pricey, but if you're looking to cozify a big swath of floor on the cheap, all you need to do is stitch together some cheap round rugs.

This is the home of designer Omer Arbel, as seen in Dwell. The rug, I discovered after a little research, is not actually separate rugs at all, but a design from Paola Lenti that comes ready-made in this particular configuration. But that doesn't mean you can't re-create it on the cheap.

Want to get the look? We've rounded up a few inexpensive round rugs that might fit the bill... feel free to add more in the comments! Oh, and a big hat tip to Corrie Boudewyns on Pinterest, who first brought this photo to my attention.

This is the TVIS mat, from IKEA. It also comes in red. At only $6.99 a pop, you could string together a bunch of these and not spend much money at all.

Another IKEA rug, the VIRRING. with a nice little pattern, and only $9.99.

And if you like a more natural look, here is a woven maize area rug, in Natural, $34.00 from Overstock.

Any other suggestions? Is this something you would try at home?

(Image credits: Dwell; Dwell; IKEA; IKEA; Overstock)