Try This: Paint the Wall Behind a Shelf to Make Vignettes Pop

Justina Blakeney

I love when people display trinkets in their home; vignettes of beloved objects tell stories about their owners' history, passions and personalities. An array of objets on a shelf is enough to start a conversation or create a focal point, but if you want to really drive attention to your collection, consider giving it a creative paint job. It's like a real-life highlighter for your stuff.

These photos come from Justina Blakeney, a stylist and designer who has used this colorful trick more than once, first as part of a client's living room makeover, and then in her own 'jungalow' home.

I was recently introduced to Justina's blog thanks to a post on At Home in Love, although her home (and pre-painted shelf) is featured in the Big Book of Small Cool Spaces, and she and her sister have been featured on Apartment Therapy before.

The how-to for this creative color job? Paint your shelf, then paint the wall behind it with the same color. Go for modern geometric shapes or get a little abstract and paint outside the lines — it's all up to you!

(Image credits: Justina Blakeney; Justina Blakeney; Justina Blakeney; Justina Blakely)