Try This: Recreate Old Family Photos

Ze Frank

We love flipping through old family photos and checking out the funny things we were caught in the act doing as children. We recently came across a new fun blog, Young Me/Know Me, cataloging people's attempts to recreate their own past (or that of their parents) and the results are really quite funny.

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On Young Me/Now Me, artist Ze Frank is asking for your help in recreating photos from your youth. He's attempting to collect them to be released in a book down the road and we love the idea. It's a fun way to get your family active and doing something, plus it's an easy project for them to look at what was and come up with how to recreate it for a modern day photo.

Check out our favorites above and see the rest that have been submitted at Young Me/Now Me. Share a link to your favorite photo in the comments below!

(Images: Young Me/Now Me, via: Laughing Squid)

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