Try This: Stash Microfiber Mitts in the Office and TV Room

Try This: Stash Microfiber Mitts in the Office and TV Room

Taryn Williford
Dec 17, 2010

We love weekend mornings spent waking up to the sun brightly streaming through our windows. Those beams of light peek through the gently parted sheers and cast bright, irregular shapes all over the house—illuminating all of the embarrassing dust that's gathered on our TV and computer screen. Yikes!

While you're out doing some Christmas shopping this weekend, buy your self a present: Grab two microfiber mitts (you'll probably find them in the automotive section), take off the tags, then stash them in your desk drawer and side table.

Trust us, you'll thank us later.

When your guests are over and you spot that alarmingly noticeable layer of dust on your TV being illuminated by the streak of sunshine coming through your window, you'll be ready to grab your microfiber mitt and give it a quick swipe.

Here are some good options for anyone doing online shopping:

(TV image: Flickr member net_efekt licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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