Turn a Washing Machine Drum Into a Backyard Fire Pit in Just 1 Hour for $10

House & Fig

Apparently, this is totally a thing. The size and shape of the drum inside a basic washing machine lends itself perfectly to being upcycled into a fire pit (quickly and cheaply, to boot!). I have to thank Sarah and Joe of House & Fig for introducing me to this idea, and for doing it so much better than anyone else I've seen since.

Sarah writes:

A few years ago while on a trip to Joshua Tree, Joe’s friend Jens introduced him to the washing machine drum firepit. It’s a super-easy project, and the design of the washing machine drum is perfect for a fire. Its small holes around the drum not only allow for oxygen flow to the fire but also make for a pretty light show. Joe added some welded feet to ours and painted it black, but if you omit the extra features you can make this in an hour or less. It couldn't be easier.

With a coat of high-heat spray paint, what was once a worn out drum becomes a chic matte black fire pit perfect for any backyard or patio. Check out Sarah's post for detailed instructions on making a pit just like theirs.

(Image credits: House & Fig)