Turn Any Bag into a Camera Bag:
Make a Custom Insert

How Joyful

Camera bags seem to be a thing of the past. Folks are looking to carry their goods on the go inside messenger bags, backpacks and purses. Such things aren't padded to provide enough security for expensive lenses, so why not make your own DIY solution? This carrier can go from bag to bag in a snap!

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Over at How Joyful, writer Joy was looking for a little more protection for her DSLR and wanted the ability to make a quick switch from purse to purse or bag.

The result was this fabulous tutorial on how to sew compartments that give your lenses a snuggle and keep things safe while you're out and about around town. This is great for girls and guys alike who don't want to look like a tourist with a camera bag and want to carry their gear and work or school supplies all in one place. Want to see how she did it?

Read More: Camera Carrier Insert Tutorial from How Joyful

(Image: How Joyful)

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