Bibliophiles will love the idea behind the Lumio, a versatile LED light which lights up a room upon opening this book's cover...and can be easily stored away like your favorite tome...
Designed bye architect Max Gunawan, light of the Lumio can be controlled by how far the "book" is opened, making it an extremely versatile light source. Open it up fully and it's a table lamp, angle it and crack it open just halfway for accent lighting.
The Lumio is constructed from Tyvek, the same tough stuff FedEx uses for their mailer envelopes, and the 500 lumen LEDs within are good for 8 hours continual use before charge up time (via a plug-in adaptor).

The Lumio is currently a Kickstarter which has far exceeded its funding goals, with all the early bird deals claimed. But if you throw $95+ their way, you'll be in line for the second run of Lumios planned for September 2013.

(Images: Max Gunawan)