Turn Your Afternoon Snack Into Kermit the Frog

Turn Your Afternoon Snack Into Kermit the Frog

Sarah Rae Smith
Sep 14, 2011

Remember awhile back when we posted this super cute and not to mention edible duo of Bert and Ernie? There was a bit of excitement, but I would be lying if there wasn't actual audible noises when I ran across this apple-licious version of Kermit the Frog. Hi-ho, snack time's here!

Over at Disney Family there's always a fun snack or two and this time around it's Kermit made from apples and a few marshmallows thrown in for fun. It's an adorable presentation that even if you're not going to bust out every day, is perfect for a special time.

Maybe you'll serve them up on a rainy or snowy day, possibly for a birthday party, or just as a surprise on your average Wednesday afternoon just to see those little faces light up as they check out what snack awaits them. I mean I'm all ears, so I can't imagine what a 5 year old would do! Check out all the details at Disney Family.

(Image: Disney Family)

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