Turn Your Kindle Into An Etch-A-Sketch For $1

Turn Your Kindle Into An Etch-A-Sketch For $1

Sarah Rae Smith
Sep 21, 2011

Are you a Kindle owner? Sure toting your entire library with you wherever you go is cool, but there's a new app that will turn it into a little bit more — like an Etch-A-Sketch. It'll keep you and your kids entertained while you wait for doctor's appointments.

Doodle for Kindle is $0.99 on the Amazon webstore and could be a fun way to let your Kindle do more for you. It's especially nice for parents without iPhones or iPads to keep kids entertained on the go. Although you can always talk, sing or play games in such situations, there's something to be said for keeping them occupied while you fill out forms, paperwork, or just take a mini nap on the sofa before you start dinner.

The controls on the Kindle are used just like the knobs on a traditional Etch-A-Sketch and although there's no shaking to erase, we're sort of ok with that. No accidental erasing!

(Image: Amazon)

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