Donate Your Old Cell Phone to Help Victims of Domestic Violence

Donate Your Old Cell Phone to Help Victims of Domestic Violence

Gregory Han
Mar 20, 2012

Got an old cell phone, cell phone battery, or phone accessory you've discovered while spring cleaning? HopeLine from Verizon is a program started back in 2001 which collects donated older cell phones and refurbishes them with 3000 free minutes to see another life aiding victims and survivors of domestic violence...

And if the phone you've sent in isn't working, Verizon states phones "unable to be reused, they are disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. " Considering how the tech savvy often upgrade to new handsets every few years, there is a good chance you've got an older candy bar or flip phone model (or perhaps even a smartphone) that can help someone in need. Learn more about Verizon's Hopeline here.

Phone Recycling and Reuse Program • HopeLine gives consumers a way to help prevent domestic violence by donating nolonger used wireless phones and accessories from any service provider in any condition by mail, in Verizon Wireless Communications Store or at special events held throughout the year.

• Phones donated to HopeLine from Verizon can help victims of abuse feel safer and less isolated by giving them a way to call emergency or support services, employers, family and friends.

• Wireless phones given to HopeLine are refurbished and sold for reuse, generating proceeds for the program. Refurbished phones - complete with 3,000 minutes of wireless service - are provided to local domestic violence organizations or local government and law enforcement agencies for use with their domestic violence clients. If donated phones are unsalvageable, they are recycled in an environmentally sound way under a zero landfill policy.

• Phone donations given locally benefit victims of abuse within that geographic area.

• HopeLine also donates cash grants to non-profit organizations to help fund education programs, support services, and community outreach.

• A list of agencies and organizations Verizon Wireless supported over the past.

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