Turquoise Cola 30 Lamp

Maxwell’s Daily Find 11.09.12

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Turquoise Cola 30 Lamp

• £490
Sarah Turner

Spotted last month during London Design Festival, Sarah Turner's lamps are amazing and made from recycled plastic bottles. Cola 30 is made from 30 Coca Cola bottles and comes in six colors. Also, check out the far more affordable and beautiful DAISY right here. This is how she does it:

"Nine Cola 30s were recently bought by Coca Cola and were used in their hospitality centre at the Olympic Park!

The bottles are collected from local households then cleaned and sandblasted to turn the plastic from being transparent to opaque.

The bottles are then dyed the gorgeous, vibrant colours. Then with some intricate, highly skilled cutting and sculpting the bottles are completely transformed into these stunning lights. Each bottle is then attached to a polypropylene base and secured with their own bottle top."

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