TV in the Bedroom?

TV in the Bedroom?

Laure Joliet
Feb 6, 2008

Oh our love affair with the television. We all know that you're not 'supposed' to have a TV in your bedroom, that it gets in the way of romance, that it can make it difficult to sleep, and that your bedroom should be for sleeping not for watching. But that doesn't stop everyone.

So tell us, do you keep a TV in th bedroom. If you do, have you had any of the negative side effects that are claimed in Feng Shui books? Are you a convert, having had a TV in the bedroom and now being adamant against it?

Also, if you're living in a studio, you might not have the option of putting the TV in another room, so then what? Do you have it hidden, facing away?

I only ever had one in my room as a teenager and it definitely kept me awake (why is it so hard to turn off?). In my adult-hood I've tried to keep the bedroom simple and tht has meant no tv.

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