TV Lover? Apps to Help You Stay Tuned In

TV Lover? Apps to Help You Stay Tuned In

Joelle Alcaidinho
Mar 16, 2012

While most of our TV consumption is while in flight, we do know quite a few folks who love watching their TV right when their favorite shows air. For those that like to converse while they view or want to know what's on at a glance, here are the Android and iPad apps for you.

Tablet Apps for TV Fans
We would be remiss to not mention the granddaddy of all entertainment reference guides, IMDb. Before there were apps, there was IMDb, the place where all debates of "wasn't that guy in that other show?" are settled soundly. IMDb for those not in the know, is the Internet Movie Database and is a great place to find episode recaps, schedules, trailers, as well as bios on actors and their work histories. For iPad and Android. Free

Ever seen those messages on Twitter and Facebook about people getting stickers for their favorite shows? Chances are those stickers came from GetGlue. GetGlue is a social network that revolves around what you're watching and reading (although we primarily see people use it for TV) and you earn stickers for the different media you consume. Although we personally don't use it, we know of several friends who are GetGlue addicts and they use it as a way to stay abreast of what media their friends are consuming. Available for iPad and Android. Free

Although we know that not everyone has Time Warner Cable, this app is a good example of the apps that cable and satellite companies are providing these days. These apps typically show listings, turn your tablet into a remote control, and some also let you stream programming. While the iPad and Android versions are similar, only the iOS version allows you to stream programming. Free

Like any good TV listing app you can easily browse what's on, however one of the things we like best about this app is that it goes above and beyond by also letting you browse shows that are on Netflix and add them to your queue. Because of the Netflix addition and the ability to communicate with your TiVo DVR to record, this is a great app for those who don't consume their media live, but like to keep up with the favorite series including past episodes that are Netflix-able (is that even a word?). For iPad and Android. Free

TV Guide:
Of course no listing of apps for the TV viewer would be complete without a mention of the official TV Guide app available for both iPad and Android. The app is simple, easy to use with a fairly clean display for a free app and it lets you set up reminders for when your favorite shows are on. Free

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