TV2ART Lightascopes

TV2ART Lightascopes

Feb 19, 2007

We knew exactly what this was when we first saw it, a friend had tried to come up with a similar attachment after [probably] a night of adult substances. The TV 2 Art Lightascopes

according to the site "are various patterns of fine art silkscreen prints on quality vinyl."

The pieces of vinyl essentially have cut outs in different patterns so that the while your tv is on mute [or an added soundtrack] you can use the imaging on screen to create various light patterns. Available in 3 designs, they attach with micro-suction tape and store away flat while you're not using. The site has a neat "try it" section where you can choose your pattern and a sample video clip to see how it would play out. Available for screens 32", 42" and 50" prices range from $135 - $199.00.

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