If you're attracted to the practicality of twin beds, but afraid they might appear too young, or worse, too old, here are some inspirational bedroom designs that actually make twins look cool.

Twin beds are a great choice for guest rooms. You can accommodate two adults without forcing people to sleep in the same bed (which can be a bit awkward). The beds can always be pushed together to create a full size, if a couple desires more intimacy. Also, bedding for twins is relatively inexpensive to buy. One thing to consider before purchasing a twin is the length. You might want to choose an extra-long-bed/mattress combo for taller guests. Extra long twins are 80" long, while standard twins are only 75" long. A standard twin can comfortably sleep someone up-to 6' tall. A man above 6' will need an extra long mattress, which can accommodate someone up-to 6'6"tall. I guess it all depends on how often you see yourself hosting very tall people!

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