Two Desks Built for Two

Two Desks Built for Two

Feb 11, 2008

Last week, John asked for help with coming up with a solution to get two computer desks in his small apartment when his girlfriend moves in. We've seen two ideas since then, and wanted to share the resources with you as well, so we're highlighting them here. Above is the desk/bookshelf built for two we saw first over on AT:LA, and we have the DIY instructions after the jump. The other option is great for small spaces--especially narrow ones--and only $130 at Ikea.

This DIY is from DIY Ideas, and includes a PDF of instructions. Perhaps using a Lack bookcase from Ikea with a table running through the bookcase could give you a similar look with less work.

Another Ikea idea is the Vika Annefores/Amon combination for a skinny desk that could seat two, especially if they faced each other (one person on each side of the support leg in the middle).

Although this idea will take up more floor space because of it's length, its narrow dimensions could make it easier to tuck into the corners of a narrow place.

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