Two Islands in the Kitchen: Do or Don't?

Two Islands in the Kitchen: Do or Don't?

Annie Werbler
Sep 1, 2011

Granted, this is not a luxury that most apartment dwellers can afford spatially, but we're seeing more and more double islands in the kitchens of larger homes. We remember the days when doing an island at all was a trendy new idea. Is this a way to increase the efficiency of a kitchen plan, or is it more than anyone really needs?

Having a double island creates more perimeter to work and sit around, thereby increasing those efficiencies. But the passage space also takes up volume in a kitchen that could be used to house appliances or storage. In some situations, it feels as though building double islands is just a way to use up the space in a too-big room. It is, however, a sensible solution for kitchens that have two cooks with distinct needs or kosher kitchens that keep two types of food completely separate. We're enjoying studying the creative layouts and different materials that designers can use to differentiate between the functions of each area.

Which of these examples do you think are successful?

Images: 1. Desire To Inspire; 2. Houzz; 3. Velvet & Linen; 4. House Beautiful; 5. Elle Decor; 6. Decorati Access; 7. House Beautiful; 8. Urban Grace Interiors.

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