Two Minutes to a More Organized Desk

Two Minutes to a More Organized Desk

Nancy Mitchell
May 9, 2013

If you're like me, your desk is a mess. Jumbles of paper above, jumbles of cords below. You may not even notice until you take a break, really look at your desk, and realize all that clutter is stressing you the hell out. Apartment Therapy to the rescue! From our video archives, here are two one-minute tips for a serene and stress-free workspace.

Is your desk covered with stacks upon stacks upon stacks of documents that are totally annoying, but totally can't be thrown away? Professional organizer Justin Klosky has a one minute tip for getting rid of all the paper. All of it.

Now that the top of your desk is clutter-free, don't neglect the underside of your desk. The jumble of cords that most of us have underneath our desk is unsightly, not to mention annoying. Justin's got a great (and really simple) solution for managing all those wires.

Want to see all these tips put into action? Here's a mini tour of Justin's office, as well as even more tips for keeping clutter under control. Happy organizing!

(Top Image: Adrienne Breaux/Karen's Delicious Downtown Apartment)

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