Two Rooms for Two Brothers in Warsaw

My Room

Name: Julian (7) & Leo (1)
Location: Warsaw, Poland

These are two rooms of my sons - Julian, who is 7 years old and Leo who is 1 year old. Julian feels so mature and he wanted to have a serious and not childish room. That is why there is a lot of black color; he wanted it. Fortunately he agreed to have some yellow and a bit of blue. I think that although there are a lot of black elements this room is still very bright.

The other room is next to Julian's room and it is his younger brother Leo's room. I wanted this room to be colorful but not over-vibrant. I don't accept blue as a boy color that is why there is no blue in this room. I added some black accents to make this room look interesting. I hope Leo likes it :-)

Thanks, Maja!

(Images: reader Maja)


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