Two Small Space Solutions at the Mark Hotel

The Mark Hotel on 77th Street is about as luxurious as they come. Redesigned by France's Jacques Grange, "designer extraordinaire", the suites are appointed with high-end finishes and custom designs galore, many of which are suited not only for a hotel suite but for small apartments...

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In the image up top, we see the small Boffi kitchen in the background. Cabinets are sleek and clean and reflective. Efficiency is key.

In the second image, we see bedside tables designed by Jacques himself. Need a little extra space? Pull out the top "tray" for added table surface. Simply push it back in to return the table to its more compact size.

Here's more info on The Mark Hotel (<< watch out - this site plays some jammin' tunes!) and more images of the suites at the Image Gallery.

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