Ugly Doll Cookie Jars

U Is For Ugly (Doll) That's Good Enough For Me. Quite often when the characters your children love try to make their way into your home, you're fighting off Dora backpacks and Buzz Lightyear pop up tents. But this time around, we're welcoming this spin off product with open arms because omg, they're Ugly Doll cookie jars!

Ugly Dolls are loved the world over as they're just a little different, a little plain and a little wonderful. You've seen the plush and many other products, but this time there's ceramics up for grabs. Although they're not as cuddly as their previous counterparts, they're just as cute.

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Each jar is retailing for $30 and although they aren't available until the 28th of February, this is one pre-order we're all over. Can't you see a whole counter lined with them? Ok, so that might be a bit much (or is it?), but one is definitely in order! You can find your favorite over at the Ugly Doll website.

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