Ultimate Book Storage: What Would Yours Look Like?

Ultimate Book Storage: What Would Yours Look Like?

Sarah Rae Smith
Sep 27, 2011

We're nearing the end of our month highlighting collections and, for most people, the collection that takes up the largest amount of space in their home is books (if only the Kindle had been around sooner). If you could design the ultimate book storage system, what would it look like?

The shelving pictured above is exactly that — an in-progress storage system for a couple who wants built-in bookshelves to line the outside of their new closet space. Lucky ducks — getting to build their dream book storage in their loft! And the finished product is going to be gorgeous. We'll definitely be check out the progress over on Dwell.

If you could design your own ultimate book storage spot, what would it loo like? Would it hold all different sizes? Would it feel clean and modern or mega rustic and cozy? Share your comments below.

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Image: Dwell

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