Ultimate Ears: triple.fi 10 Pro Earphones

Ultimate Ears: triple.fi 10 Pro Earphones

Maxwell Ryan
Feb 23, 2007

Three drivers (speakers) in this tiny package defy belief and make available to you the technologies that the pros in recording studios use.

Ultimate Ears triple.fi 10 Pro Earphones come with a 46" long connection cable, allowing you to hook these into your home stereo, pull up a chair and take advantage of the quality your home system can provide. And of course, they also work with your MP3 player. One reviewer said that he could hear the pages being turned in Beethoven's Ninth Symphony with these in-ear noise-isolating earphones.

The Universal Fit Kit includes 6 single flange silicone (2 small, 2 med, 2 large), 2 dual flange silicone and 2 standard foam eartips. A ΒΌ" adapter jack comes with the set, a travel kit and a 2 year warranty.

Quality sound like this doesn't come cheap at $399 a pair, but if you really enjoy hearing the nuances of your music, these could be worth the investment. I'm going to go clean the drool off my chin and start saving for these.


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