Ultimate DIY Train Track, Car Racing Toy

Celebrate Every Day With Me

There was a certain period during my kids' toddler years where I rarely saw the family room carpet: it was always covered with a train track. Building tracks and racing trains and even cars on them was a daily ritual. So I have a personal admiration for this clever, inexpensive, and multi-purpose DIY created by Kristen at Celebrate Every Day With Me.

If your child can't choose between trains and cars (and who can?!), this toy will give him or her the chance to use both at once. With virtually nothing more than a cardboard box, you can create tunnels and crazy roads to entertain all day. Get your kids involved in the construction, and for certain it will be even more wonderful. You can even store cars and trains in the box when your kids are done for the day.

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(Image: Kristen at Celebrate Every Day With Me)

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