Ultreo Ultrasonic Toothbrush

Ultreo Ultrasonic Toothbrush

Oct 16, 2007

Taking your brushing to the next level? Science has yet to come to a conclusive answer, but Ultreo is seeking to prove that using ultrasound on top of sonic action makes for a better clean.

An article today in the Wall Street Journal covers the controversy due to Ultreo claiming, in the past, that the ultrasound action creates bubbles that clean plaque between teeth. Oral B brought a suit against Ultreo because of the claims, so they've toned down their marketing claims.

However, some dentists who have tried it still recommend it to their patients because it's action is gentle and makes the mouth seem especially clean. In fact, AT:HT reader Carol highly recommended the Ultreo.

The Ultreo retails for $170 including travel case and charger.

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