Umbrella Stands: High & Low

Umbrella Stands: High & Low

Anna Hoffman
Jan 21, 2011

One of the crucial elements of a entryway landing strip is the umbrella stand. More than a place to store your wet brellies and protect your floors from moisture, they can also serve as room decor. I was surprised by how expensive a lot of umbrella stands are! But after all, your entryway is the first thing a visitor sees, and can set the tone for your whole home. Here is a roundup of good options, high, super-high and low.

1 Kartell umbrella stand, comes in matte neutrals or translucent primary colors, $155 at hivemodern
2 Eva Schildt's steel umbrella stand uses a real sponge to absorb water! $160 at A+R Store
3 The Belmont Umbrella Stand in linen and faux-leather has a removable drip tray, $39.99 at the Container Store
4 Vintage 13-inch-tall sap bucket, $18 from fuzzyra on Etsy
5 The Portis umbrella stand from Ikea is only $14.99
6 Lacquer Umbrella stand from Jonathan Adler, $295 in red, white or turquoise
7 Stainless steel umbrella stand, $131.50 from Lekker Home
8 The Swan umbrella stand is made of walnut, iron and bamboo and has a removable brass liner. It is $795 at Mecox Gardens
9 The Splash umbrella stand comes in various pop colors and is made of rubber. $79 at Generate
10 Monsoon umbrella stand in polished aluminum, $120 at Unica Home

Be sure to check out Alicia's Umbrella Stand Roundup from October, which includes 5 awesome DIY options.

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