Uncle Goose Alphabet Blocks

Uncle Goose Alphabet Blocks

Carrie McBride
Aug 31, 2011

Children's toy blocks have been around for hundreds of years, but Uncle Goose keeps finding ways to make them modern and versatile. Whether you're looking for attractive traditional blocks or something a bit more unusual (Korean character blocks, anyone?), Uncle Goose should be your first stop.

I first found Uncle Goose when I was looking to buy individual letter blocks to spell my son's name. Theirs were inexpensive ($1.50/block) and a nice middle ground between a modern and traditional look. In addition to their Classic Goose collection, they've added some really fun sets like bugs, nursery rhymes and hieroglyphics in their specialty section. They also have a good selection of foreign alphabets (13) including Portugese, Danish, Polish, Chinese, Hebrew and more.

Here's how the Uncle Goose folks describe themselves: We're a small group of craftspeople and artisans that have combined our unique talents in a way that allows us to design, hand-make and distribute our beautiful block sets around the world.

You'll see Uncle Goose blocks in plenty of specialty toy shops and online shops, or you can order directly from them.

Groovie Math & Patterning Blocks ($41)
Korean Character Blocks ($41)
Bugs ABC Blocks ($40)
Braille Math Blocks ($22)
Presidential Blocks ($98)

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