Uncommon Sources for Furnishing & Decorating Your Home

Uncommon Sources for Furnishing & Decorating Your Home

Jason Loper
Mar 3, 2012

Have you ever looked around a friend's house and been able to identify exactly where each and every piece of furniture and accessory was purchased? Don't succumb to the cookie cutter! Think outside the box with this roundup of unlikely sources for furnishing and decorating your home.

McMaster-Carr Supply Company — Lighting, industrial fans, office supplies and more. You might not think of ordering from McMaster-Carr if you won't own a workshop, but a quick perusal of their website turns up quite a few items that could be used in an apartment.

The Museum of Useful Things — From baskets and hampers to giant rubberbands and bridle hooks, The Museum of Useful Things carries an unusual assortment of unlikely accessories that could be used practically in the home.

Staples — We've talked before about using Staples to have large artwork printed. The office supply store also carries a vast selection of furniture, art supplies, phones and even snacks.

Table Legs Online — You can make a table top out of just about any flat surface. All you have to do is order the legs from Table Legs Online. Whether you want to create a coffee table, a dining table or even a counter height table, Table Legs Online offers every kind of table leg you'll need.

Chicago Canvas — If you have large windows to cover, consider checking out the canvas, muslin and theatrical fabrics from Chicago Canvas and Supply. The canvas, for example, comes in widths ranging from 3' to 12'. The company also sells tracks for curtains where a curtain rod may not be possible.

U-Line — Check out U-Line's industrial supplies for wire shelving, unique tables and counters, labels and a plethora of other materials that can be utilized in a home setting.

Images: Ben & Aja's Boiler Room Loft, Paul's Artistically Scavenged Apartment

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