Funny Blog: Crap At My Parents House

Funny Blog: Crap At My Parents House

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 10, 2010
"Aww! Get it? 'Cause when you hang a suit on it, it looks like a dog is wearing it. Then you go to your job and try to jump out the window cause the dog's spirit haunts whatever it touches."

We've all walked into our parents house at some point in time and opened a drawer or closet and said to ourselves, "Really?" After years of accumulating stuff and things, there's bound to be some weirdness lurking somewhere and we found a website that's set out to catalog it all!

Crap At My Parents House has had us giggling to ourselves for hours this afternoon and we can't decide which is more humorous, the things that were discovered, or the captions that go along side them. Click on the photos above to see what each child had to say about their parent's findings above!

Can you relate? You can check out Crap at my Parents House for more fun filled entertainment, or submit your own (we know we will... sorry Mom and Dad!).

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

Image: Crap at my Parents House

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