10 Tech Inspired Textiles for Under $10

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A friend recently gave me a book of home DIY projects, all which can be done with just one yard of fabric. Pillows, table runners, tablet sleeves, and aprons can all be made with a mere 36 inches and $10 or less of textile. Of course, my geekier inclinations had me seek out patterns with tech incorporated into them...

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The book is called, One Yard Wonders, and I've since realized there is a follow-up called Fabric-by-Fabric: One Yard Wonders for those who want to branch out beyond cotton. The fabrics below would be great for use to decorate a kid's room or for anyone who likes playful and colorful tech-themed patterns in their home.

Here are 10 tech-inspired prints for those seeking a little geek chic:

  1. Funbots Small Robots ($9.20 per yard)
  2. Star Wars Blueprint ($7.49 per yard)
  3. Cameras in Grey ($8.98 per yard)
  4. Black Mathematics Print ($10.00 per yard)
  5. Pac Man Ghosts ($10.50 per yard)
  6. Atomic Bots Tiny Ships ($8.98 per yard)
  7. Geekly Casette Tapes ($8.50 per yard)
  8. Paintbox Blocks Navy ($9.98 per yard)
  9. Geekly TV Aqua ($8.50 per yard)
  10. Retro Marvel Comics ($7.49 per yard)

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