Understated 'Simple Chic' Kids' Rooms

Understated 'Simple Chic' Kids' Rooms

Elisabeth Wilborn
Jun 26, 2013

"Simple Chic" is a great way to go in a child's room. Try as you might, little people's things are ultimately vast in number, often bright and speckled and truly unruly. Simplicity counteracts the chaos and allows one to reconvene with peace at the end of the day.

These "Simple Chic" rooms have a few things in common: a reduced color palette, sparsity of objects, and a careful edit of what does wind up belonging.  However, there are differences. Scroll through to see what I mean.  


1. Arden's Black and White Wonderland - Who woulda' thunk it? Black and white looks great in a kid's room! Polka dots, stripes, and a hint of blue and pink keep it childlike.  

2. Lupe's Forward-Thinking Nursery - Though it may be in Argentina, Lupe's room exhibits a kind of Euro-chic with its charming array of tender objects. The key here, I think, is balance and a light touch. 

3. James' Vintage Eclectic Room - This space goes in a different direction, toward the past. James' parents have lovingly crafted a room evocative of a bygone era, no doubt sweet dreams happen here.   

4. Kai's Otomi Stencilled Room has me doing cartwheels of glee. So much energy on those walls, and yet the overall effect is calming.  

5. Eli's Fab Former Catch-All - This room carefully balances out "Simple Chic" with navy and green more associated with "Traditional Modern." No longer the junk room, that's for sure! 


6. Matteo's Up in the Air Nursery - Conscious of its place amidst the sky, Matteo's room embraces it. Cool yellows and warm grays help calm this space.

7. Baby G's Skyline Nursery - Bedding is a great jumping off point for a room, and that's exactly what mom Kelly did. The Chicago skyline may have come afterward, but it takes center stage here. The neutral palette keeps it from being overwhelming.  

8. Casimir's Modern Finnish Nursery - Scandinavians know best that simple doesn't have to mean boring. Casimir's room has exciting shapes like this teepee and a figure 8 rug, a sleek modern closet and injections of color.

9. Violet's Bright and Airy Space - Violet's room represents what happens to a Simple Chic room when it starts to allow a bit more personality to come into it: hand-painted walls, decorative pillows, and a floral rug may not necessarily fit the bill, but it's included here because it still retains an aura of peace, and that very important editing I was talking about.  

10. Amelie's Room is one of those unexpected beauties buried at the end of a house tour (Katharine & James' Family Home). We love the gently old-fashioned wall decals and heritage pieces.

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