Undo Send in Gmail?!?! OMFG... Is it Real?!

Undo Send in Gmail?!?! OMFG... Is it Real?!

Taryn Williford
Mar 20, 2009

We added Gmail's official blog to our bookmarks a while ago, as the tips and tricks that Google insiders give you about the program they themselves created, and continue to foster, are for sure the most helpful. Well, Gmail Labs has added a brand new feature that is sure to get some use from office gossips and jilted ex-girlfriends everywhere... un-send your e-mails!

That's right! Enable 'Undo Send' in your Gmail Labs settings, and you'll start seeing a short link to "undo" next to the sent mail confirmation on every one you send.

Gmail is going to start holding your e-mails for five seconds after you click "send." If nothing happens in those five short seconds, or you close your browser, your e-mail goes on its merry little way to its destination.

But click "Undo," and Google grabs the message and brings it back into draft mode, with the specified recipient being none the wiser. Your ex-boyfriend will never know you wanted to bone him when you got home from the bar Saturday night and Judy in accounts payable will have no idea you hate her new haircut.

The new feature can't retract e-mails more than five seconds old, so you gotta act quick. But apparently, the Gmail engineers' theory is that "even just five seconds would be enough time to catch most of those regrettable emails."

We've already tried it out, and it worked! So here's to hoping this feature sticks around past April Fool's Day...

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