Unexpected Interest: Mismatched Bar Stools

Unexpected Interest: Mismatched Bar Stools

Taryn Williford
Oct 30, 2015
(Image credit: Andrew Snow)

Remember when mismatched dining chairs were kind of exciting and weird? Now the hodge-podge chair thing is a common decorating trope (for good reason–who doesn't want to bottle up the secret to a laid-back vibe?). But it had never occurred to me that you could extend the look to bar stools.

If you've got a breakfast bar (or any other kind of bar) at home, try out this look by pulling up a bevy of coordinated–but decidedly different–stools.

(Image credit: Andrew Snow)

Above and at top: A Toronto townhome featured on Houzz

(Image credit: Landing Design)

The three different stools in this Portland, Maine, home from Landing Design share the same shape and materials to keep the look cohesive.

(Image credit: William Waldron)

This shot of John Legend and Chrissy Tiegen's home in Architectural Digest shows off the couple's collection of Anna Karlin stools.

(Image credit: Alison for Deucecities)

Mismatched stools play into the fun vibe of Alison & Jeff's Happening Home.

(Image credit: Hallie Burton)

Photographer Hallie Burton snapped this shot. While all the stools are different, the second from right stool really stands out as a focal point.

(Image credit: Ashley Ann Photography)

A peek inside the studio of Ashley Ann Photography reveals a set of second-hand stools she's collected over time to fill the bar.

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