As someone who has been obsessed with interiors for most of my life, I absorb so much content daily from work, blogs, vendors, etc. that it's rare for me to come across something so surprising that it completely stops me in my tracks. That's exactly what happened when I saw this apartment in Paris by Ramy Fischler.

Call it crazy, weird, avant garde, whatever you like; I call it refreshing! The starkness of the spaces really gives each unique design feature room to shine, and everywhere there is something to enchant the eye. And oh! that ombre wall....swoon.

Why am I going on though, when Mr. Fischler describes it much more eloquently:

The Place de Colombie apartment in Paris’ 16th arrondissement is my first solo foray into the world of interior design following ten years working with the designer Patrick Jouin and time at Villa Medicis in Rome. Since returning to Paris, I’ve been using an eclectic approach to design by fusing art, industry, craftsmanship, fantasy and reality. Interior design — or should I say decorative arts? — plays a key role in bringing harmony and evolution to my work. It drives creative growth and experimentation in a world where concepts that are so vital to our profession are becoming harder and harder to preserve. To me, designing an apartment or house is like running a research laboratory in that lots of different expertise works together to produce a unique piece that everyone has a part in. The Place de Colombie apartment is the result of a group of ideas and talents coming together as one.
(Image credit: Paul Graves for AD Magazine)

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