Unique & Extraordinary Treehouses

Every kid dreams about a treehouse. I still dream about one myself. If you are lucky to live in the country with a big garden or land, then it might be a dream that can become true if you're handy. 

From my little urban backyard, I've been dreaming through the internet... 

1. Mirrored Treehouse Hotel , Tham & Videgard

2. Curved Cabin Treehouse, BaumRaum 

3. Tallest Treehouse, All That is Interesting

4. Yellow Restaurant Treehouse, Redwoods Treehouse

5. Beach Rock Treehouse in Okinawa Japan from Pete Nelson's New Treehouses of the World via Chicago Tribune

6. Spheres Treehouses, Free Spirit Spheres

7. Geodesic Treehouse, Justin Feider/ O2 Treehouse via Inhabitat

(Images: as linked above)

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