10 Apps to Construct Your Own House, Build Your Own World

Tablet App Recommendations

Whether you're 8 or 80, LEGOs remain a favorite medium to explore creativity, block by block. But unless you're a parent, it's likely it's been awhile since you've explored your architect inclinations. Fortunately, there are several building apps taking advantage of tablet screens, allowing users to tap into their inner designer...all without the danger of stepping on any errant pieces.


1. Minecraft - Pocket Edition (Android & iOS), $6.99.
2. Toca Builders (iOS), $1.99.
3. Block Earth (iOS), $1.99.
4. Blockworld (Windows 8 & Android), $4.99.
5. iBuilder (iOS & Android), Free.


6. Survivalcraft (Android & iOS), $3.99.
7. Minebuilder (iOS & Android), $1.99 & $2.06.
8. World of Cubes (Android & iOS), $.99.
9. Discovery (Windows 8 & Android), $2.49 & $1.99.
10. Exploration (iOS), Free & $2.99.

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