Unlock the Past: Skeleton Keys in Decor

Unlock the Past: Skeleton Keys in Decor

Tara Bellucci
Jun 2, 2011

Beautiful and mysterious, skeleton keys are fascinating. Since I've never been quite good at collecting things, I like that the ornate curves of the key are showing up in more home accessories.

Since the Tiffany key charms debuted a few years ago, there's been a renaissance in the vintage key. Although we may use remotes, cards and keypads to open our doors these days, the charm of the skeleton key is undeniable.

1. Skeleton Key Pillows, Etsy seller sugarandfig, $30.
2. Spinning Keys Jewelry Stand, Urban Outfitters, $24.
3. Secret Key Handle, Anthropologie, $18.
4. Keys Wallpaper, Jonathan Adler, $250.
5. Shabby Chic Wall Key, etsy seller ahrenfoster, $18.

Images: as linked above.

Skeleton Keys
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