Unplggd Guide: The Best of Desks

Unplggd Guide: The Best of Desks

Julienne Lin
Aug 5, 2011

We work everywhere - on the couch, in coffee shops, in the backyard and on a plane. The portability of laptops and tablets are responsible for working on the go. However, that doesn't mean we should all knock the idea of a really good desk. After all, the desk is a vehicle for us to create some of our best work. Here's a guide to some of the best desks we know out there.

Sloane White Leaning Desk ($149): Starting with a good leaning desk-shelf system, our top pick would be the Sloane desk from Crate and Barrel. It's sleek and clean with a ladder-style design that secures against the wall. It works as a sturdy bookshelf and solid workspace – a two in one deal.

Parsons Mini Desk ($169): Just because you have a small space doesn't mean you shouldn't have an awesome desk. The Parsons mini desk is simple pretty and even comes with a supply drawer, making it the perfect small space desk. The desk comes in a chocolate oak veneer or a polished white. If you like the simplistic design of the Parsons Mini but have room enough for something more substantial, there is also the Parsons Desk, a full-size choice.

Cant Desk ($599): Called the "Cant desk" because of its cantilevered silhouette, this desk sets the stage for getting a good work session in. We're partial to the version in red and walnut – a pop of color is always nice.

Celine Desk ($850): A mid-century inspired piece, the Celine desk is a new edition at Design Within Reach. As a single drawer desktop, there's one side of the desk to store smaller supplies and an open compartment for files. It reminds us of mid-century architecture and we love it.

Wave Desk ($899 - $999): The Wave desk is made of molded plywood which allows the perch on the desk that we love so much – perfect for setting a monitor or desktop. The flow of the Wave desk makes it a nice one for small, intimate spaces.

Envelop Desk ($960): Coined as "the desk that moves with you," Herman Miller's Envelop desk was designed to conform to your body's natural incline to lean back. After all, chairs recline, why shouldn't desks? The Envelop is now available in retail. An added bonus: all purchases from the Herman Miller store over $499 receive $9 for standard shipping until August 15th.

Autopilot Desk ($1250): Another stylish, ergonomic desk, the Autopilot is designed so the desk surface hugs your body. There's a pull out keyboard drawer and the entire desk is made of certified sustainable wood.

Copenhagen ($1299): To wrap things up, we'd like to end this guide with the Copenhagen office cabinet that holds all your files and supplies but simultaneously works as a great desk with multiple bases and pulls.

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