The Tale of Mice of a Different Tail

The Tale of Mice of a Different Tail

Range Govindan
Aug 5, 2011

While there are a few touch-based input devices available for PCs and desktop computers, most users still rely on the tried and true mouse. Productivity and physical health can greatly depend upon having the right mouse in hand configured correctly. But sometimes you also want a mouse that just looks different...a whole lot of different.

1. Kinesis DXT Mouse: This ergonomic mouse is designed to be used vertically, and as such is at a much more natural position than traditional mice. If you have wrist problems from overusing your mouse, then this mouse might help you with that.

2. Elecom Orime Mouse: Polygons are everywhere, and it's no coincidence that this mouse from Elecom, designed by Nendo, is polygonal. Reminiscent of Tron its surfaces look appealing to the eye.

3. Nexus SM-8000: This mouse promises to be silent. If the constant clicking of your significant other's mouse is driving you up the walls, then this mouse will ensure that everything keeps quiet.

4. Celluon evoMouse: This isn't a mouse per se, but it does accomplish the same function. If you're looking for a change, then this might do the trick. The device allows you to use any surface as a touchpad.

5. Elecom Oppopet: If you like the tails of mice, but you don't like corded mice, then the Oppopet might win you over. It's got some strange tails, that are quite short and unobtrusive, so they won't get in the way while you work especially since they double as the wireless USB connector. You can choose tails from foxes, dogs, dolphins, cats, pigs, squirrels, chameleons, and rabbits.

6. Canon X Mark I Lite: This unusual mouse has got a calculator built right in, allowing you to crunch numbers quickly enough, without ever having to open an app. It can also double as the numeric keypad, which comes in handy if you're working from a laptop or keyboard on which it has been omitted.

7. Cyborg R.A.T. Gaming Mouse: This mouse looks it exploded, but it's supposed to be the perfect gaming mouse. The zero latency makes it optimal for games and you can hot swap batteries.

8. Elecom Rinkak: This playful mouse has got a cable that looks like a tail. It's an interesting concept, and some users will like how whimsical this seems.

9. Microsoft Touch Mouse: Touch mice are finally coming to PCs. While using our MacBook Pro's Trackpad and our PC desktop's Logitech mouse is plenty for us, some users yearn to use gestures with their computers. Check out the different models that Microsoft has on offer.

10. Razer's Star Wars: The Old Republic Mouse: This mouse has 17 buttons and was specifically designed for the upcoming game Star Wars: The Old Republic. This mouse also has dimmable LEDs.

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