Up in the Air Somewhere

Up in the Air Somewhere

Michelle Chin
Sep 23, 2010

Hailing from Chicago, artist and designer Susan Dwyer's line of minimalist ceramic and papier-mâché creations are inspired by the industrial architecture that dots the Chicago landscape. Up in the Air Somewhere conjures up dreams of clear skies and sparse, but perfect, clouds with a surprise shock of color here and there. Read more...

Each vessel is hand-built by Ms. Dwyer, and her ceramic dishes have food-safe glazes applied. The papier-mâché items are coated for water resistance. She has an etsy shop, as well as her own online shop. Check out her blog to keep up-to-date on craft shows and special events.

1. Gold Paper Bowls
2. Color Burst Bowls
3. Gold Lip Platter and Dishes
4. Yellow Fade Vessel
5. Pitcher and Dip Cups
6. Gold Bottom Dish
7. Double Silo Vase
8. Spoon and Well
9. Small Fade Bowls

(Images: Ben Syverson for Up in the Air Somewhere)

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