DIY Upcycled Lighting Ideas from Etsy

DIY Upcycled Lighting Ideas from Etsy

Sarah Coffey
Jul 2, 2008

Lamps can be made from just about anything heat-resistant using a store-bought wiring kit. We've seen them made from glass bottles, ceramic cups, and sometimes even plastic and metal pieces. Since Etsy features a lot of upcycled lighting, we thought we'd round up a few items that gave us ideas for DIY lighting projects...

We found a comprehensive set of instructions for building a lamp out of almost anything on WikiHow. To make a table lamp out of a glass bottle, wire it through the bottom. The table lamp shown at the top of the post is the Decanter Lamp from YoursTrulyxoxo, $55.

For a slim glass pendant light, use a wine bottle and wire it with a socket, wire, plug, and long cord that you can hang as a swag lamp. This is the Upcycled Bottle Swag Lamp from Beetnik505, $95.

Dress up a switchplate with recycled paper scraps. (Click here for a how-to from Offbeat Living.) This is a Vintage Wallpaper Switchplate from Fondue, $20.

Lampshades can also be covered in vintage papers or fabrics. (Click here for step-by-step instructions from How Stuff Works.) This photo shows a Vintage Wallpaper Lampshade from Drawflowers, $180.

A quirky idea for a pendant lamp: coffee or tea cups. This Coffee Cup Lamp is from Domestic Construction, $58.

This fixture reminds us of the colander lamps that we've seen many times before. It's the Starlight Recycled Metal Pendant from pixelfoundry, $75.

Other ideas for DIY lighting projects? Let us know in the comments below.

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