Update: Steelcase Leap Office Chair Arrives!

We believe it was those wise sages Ren & Stimpy that eloquently professed, "happy, happy, joy, joy!" Late yesterday, just as I was finishing cleaning up the start of my January Jumpstart project, the eagerly awaited FedEx delivery trucl arrived and dropped of a large box with the Steelcase Leap task chair I had ordered just before leaving for the holidays. So "goodbye" hard Eames shell chair and "hello" comfy bottom hugging, back supporting seating.

I'm already noticing a big improvement in comfort, most notable in upper back support. The chair has a selection of adjustments which I'm still playing with. I tend to sit leaning back, with seat forward, and the Leap accommodates with both a lever and an automatic adjustment that reacts to body weight. I'll give the chair a couple weeks of use before giving a detailed review, but early signs point toward a purchase with no regrets.