Upholstery Suggestions for Estate Sale Find Armchair?

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Q: I recently got this chair from an estate sale for $10 and I really love it. Obviously it needs to be reupholstered but I don't know what fabric to choose. My natural tendency is to pick gray for everything, but since we already have gray walls that is probably a bad move. I also really like navy, yellow and a heathery purple.

Complicating the issue is the fact that we are planning on getting a new couch in the next year or so, so I need to make sure to choose a fabric that will go well with whatever couch I pick. Can anyone suggest a good fabric color that will mix well with a theoretical future couch purchase? (My aesthetic is pretty minimal so I'm thinking a print would be out.)

Also, I don't know my Danish Modern from my Prussian Progressive, so if anybody could identify they style or type of chair it is (so I sound like less of a rube when describing it) I would be forever grateful.

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Good Questions

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