Urban Hardwoods

Urban Hardwoods

Maxwell Ryan
Jun 11, 2007

Actually, it's local wood. If you love big slab tables, but are wary of where these marvelous pieces may be coming from, Urban Hardwoods is an amazing resource. All of these local heritage trees have been carefully salvaged after being lost to fire, storm, disease or urban growth in the Seattle area.

Started by Jim Newsom, who began salvaging beached logs with his tugboat from the shores of Elliott Bay in the late 1990's, Urban Hardwoods now stocks a ton of slabs from many different kinds of trees: Madrone, Ash, Elm, Cedar, Walnut and Maple to name just a few...

These slabs can all be seen online and ordered for use as a table, window sill or any kind of furniture that you can imagine. We're currently working with a client who is in regular email contact with Urban Hardwoods and they having been sending him new pics of pieces they think he'll like. They take care of all the cutting, finishing, base and shipping.

Slabs are very popular right now. We think using these trees is the way to go. (Thanks, Bruce C.!)

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