Urban Jungle: 10 Rooms with Lots and Lots of Plants

Houseplants are currently enjoying a bit of a moment, with fiddle leaf figs and succulents and mother-in-law's tongues turning up in rooms all over. But these spaces take it to the next level with a veritable jungle of greenery. Read on for nine more examples of beautiful rooms so chock full of plants, you might almost feel like you're outside.

Above: A myraid of greenery in a living room styled by Emily Henderson.

A bohemian space from Style at Home.

Dangling houseplants lend a funky, jungley vibe to a Swedish home from Freunde von Freunden.

Plants galore in a delciously textured space from The Selby.

A designer's home spotted on The Secret Garden.

Plants soften up a loft-life space from our 2012 Small Cool Contest.

Copious greenery in Susan's Adventure for the Senses.

The arrangement of these plants is almost formal — to me it recalls an English garden. From Fantastic Frank.

Dangling greenery from Bellocq, via Turbulences Deco.

Lots of hanging platns in a sunny kitchen from Casa.

(Image credits: Style by Emily Henderson; Style at Home; Freunde von Freunden; The Selby; The Secret Garden; Adam's Afternoon Light; Lindsay Tella; Fantastic Frank; Bellocq; Casa)