Urban vs Rural: What's in Your Blood?

If you traveled during the holidays, chances are you spent some time in the place where you grew up. Maybe it was on a farm like me (the top photo was taken at my childhood home), or maybe you were more of a city kid. Either way, how much did your childhood influence your choices about where to live as an adult?

Many of my friends stayed in our small town; they couldn't imagine living anywhere else. Still others tried out a big city, but it just wasn't in their blood, so they wound up back in a rural setting. And I now live minutes from the craziest corner in Los Angeles.

I wasn't rebelling against rural life; it just worked out that way. Although I never embraced farm chores with much gusto (what kid does?), I certainly didn't spend my whole childhood biding my time until I could escape to the city. I loved the farm as a kid, but now that I'm an urban-dweller, I don't know if I could go back permanently. My blood has warmed up to city living.

My upbringing gave me many valuable things and a few curses (like the fact that I'm forever spoiled by delicious, fresh produce from my dad's garden). It's an adjustment each time I go from one to the other, since they're as opposite as it's possible to be — but it's nice to be able to spend time in both.

Tell me, how different is your life now from when you were a kid?

(Images: Jennifer Hunter)

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