Ursula's Window Seat Room

My Room

Name: Ursula (7 years)
Location: Soho, NY

Making a room for Ursula in our new home together took awhile but it was a joy. For her first room to herself in our new life (we were sharing a one bedroom for a year), I was able to take a white sheetrock box with a high ceiling and make it airy but cozy and have plenty of storage for her growing lifestyle of clothes, dolls, costumes and toys.



The best thing was that I got to work with George Evageliou of Urban Homecraft to build a bed and cabinets that would squeeze as much utility into the space without filling up the room. The plan called for a "sleigh bed" inset into the window with drawers beneath on one side, and a full wall of cabinets and bookshelves that would wrap around the door on the other side.

Ursula was sleeping on an adapted crib mattress until this room took shape this past summer, and she swears that she sleeps really, really, really well now. If my luck holds, she'll have this room and bed for another seven years at least!


(Image credits: Maxwell Ryan)

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