USB Whack It: Not as Naughty as it Sounds

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We're kind of psychic. We know that right now, you're at work. You should be working on a research report your boss asked you to tackle, but instead, you're on It's O.K., you're not alone. In case you need something else besides Apartment Therapy to keep you busy (as if!), check out USB Whack It.

USB Whack It plugs into your computer to power a miniature version of the carnival-favorite Whack-A-Mole game. In this game, the little dudes light up, you hit them with your fingertip and your score goes up. Pretty simple, huh?

So how does a 30-second game with three steps eat up every hour of the workday? We don't need to know the answer, but your boss might feel differently.

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[ cutegadgets ]

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