Use a Beer Box for Organizing Cords

As long as there are cords on this great Earth (we're still waiting on our entirely wireless life), there will be clever and creative solutions for keeping them stocked, stowed and untangled.

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Next time you're trowing a blow-out bash, save the liquor store boxes your beer, wine and spirits come home in.

Those cardboard boxes very likely have cardboard dividers inside, making them perfect for organizing, storing or moving small items like—you guessed it—peripheral cords and wires.

Beer boxes are a great size for small accessory cords, while the boxes for tequila bottles might be bigger and better suited for power strips.

So go ahead and dumpster dive in the alley behind the liquor store—or, you know, just go inside and ask—you'll be getting a cord organizer for free and being a leanie, meanie recycling greenie at the same time!

Via Lifehacker

(Images: Flickr users ((april)) and alexisfisher under license from Creative Commons.)

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