Use a Sheet of Paper to See if Your Fridge is Wasting Energy

Now is the season to sniff out energy hogs. If you're conserving energy by going without heat for the fall months, but your power or gas bill isn't shrinking, you might have developed an energy leak somewhere. To see if your refrigerator is the culprit, you don't need to hire a professional and toss away your precious holiday spending money, just grab for a sheet of paper.

In this post about getting your appliances ready for the holidays, we mentioned that you'll want to check to make sure your fridge's door seal is tight before stashing away any leftovers. A leaky fridge can prematurely spoil food and will definitely cost you money in the form of heftier utility bills.

Luckily for us, the test for a leaky fridge seal doesn't involve hiring a guy or developing DIY repair skills. All you need to do is grab for a sheet of paper. (Junk mail or those wasted sheets your printer spits out are perfect for this task!)

All you need to do is close your refrigerator door on a thin sheet of paper. If it stays in place, your fridge's door seal is in good shape. It's that easy.

If the paper slips, however, your fridge is wasting energy. You'll want to look into adjusting the door's latch to get a tighter fit, or replacing the rubber seal altogether.

(Images: Taryn Fiol, Flickr member VickyvS licensed for use under Creative Commons)